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What is Digital Arabia Network?

#DAN is the lab for the digital future in the Arab world.

#DAN connects the leading creative and powerful digital innovators in the Arab world. As the platform for digital pioneers, #DAN connects all those who contribute to the transforming of our life into a better place: in arts, education, business, economy, media, NGOs and politics.

#DAN aims at disrupting the immobility in the Arab World through connecting digital minds, creative individuals, inspiring initiatives and projects, strong businesses and active NGOs.

#DAN believes in the potenial of the digital technology in fostering gender equality & the social and financial inclusion of all communities in the Arab world.

The Launching Event

DAN’s Launching Event

26-28 January 2018

Beirut , Lebanon

DAN was initiated by a group of individuals in Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Germany who see the potential yet the fragmentation of the digital community in the Arab world. DAN aims at exploring the impact and the opportunities brought forth by digitalization and its different instruments in enhancing and transforming the life of the Arab societies towards more inclusion and equality.


Art & Culture

Here we explore the impact of digital transformation on arts, culture and cultural heritage and we feature the work of digital artists in the region


We hope through the content shared here that we empower the region to realize the untapped potential in digital business and further facilitate the growth of the startup ecosystem


Learn whatever you want to learn, whenever you have time, wherever you are. That is the democratization technology brought to education. Here we will highlight the latest MENA initiatives in digital education


How is technology influencing the political arena? What impact will tools such as social media and e-democracy have on politics in the Middle East and North Africa? Stay tuned!


Technology is the main driving force behind the digital world and the digital arabia. Click here to dive into the latest news, studies and tech events


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